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Mobile Document Destruction is a Certified NAID member. NAID is the non-profit trade organization of the secure destruction industry. It was founded in 1994 and the mission is, in their words, "to promote proper destruction of all forms of discarded media containing personal and proprietary information."

As a NAID member, we simplify compliance with data protection laws for our customers. In order to become a NAID member, Mobile Document Destruction has to meet strict requirements by establishing a NAID-recognized selection criteria and satisfying the legal requirement for that criteria.

Mobile Document Destruction ensures several practices:

  • Persons with a known history of related crimes are not employed
  • Security and operations policies and procedures are written and followed
  • Destruction equipment is functioning properly
  • Access to materials is restricted at all times
  • Constainers and vehicles protect information from unauthorized access during transport and processing
  • There is an audit trail and a thorough, documented chain of custody

As a NAID member, we are also subject to unannounced audits to ensure full compliance. We also produce certificates of destruction for clients who are required to have proof of destruction for HIPAA or FACTA compliance.

Cost EstimateMDD gives quotes and estimates to any customer over the phone, fax or by email. Prices are based on container size or weight, and we can estimate the cost for full containers, cabinets, and boxes.

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