On-Site Shredding

Mobile Document Destruction offers on-site services to businesses and offices that require total destruction of sensitive files, documents, and other papers. MDD meets customers at their location and shreds all materials there, in plain sight. The process is helped by self-contained equipment on the MDD truck and the on-site collection consoles that our customers use to collect their papers until MDD shreds them. After MDD arrives on the site, we remove the materials from the office and shred all documents with our shredding equipment. The equipment is designed to provide professional, industry-standard shredding at the approved particle size. Our shredders use a pulverization technique, so all materials are shredded completely, safely, and securely in the sight of our customers.

Furthermore, by using Mobile Document Destruction for your shredding, you don't have to worry about using employee time to go through huge piles of paper, and the inevitable in-house shredder breakdown. Your employees can focus on their work throughout the day and during the MDD shredding visit, so you can stay at peak productivity and focus on what you do best.

Cost EstimateMDD gives quotes and estimates to any customer over the phone, fax or by email. Prices are based on container size or weight, and we can estimate the cost for full containers, cabinets, and boxes.

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