Why Shred

Why Shred

Security. Safety. Ethics. Legal compliance. There are many reasons companies shred their documents, and Mobile Document Destruction helps clients keep themselves and their clients safe through ethical and secure shredding practices.

One main reason to shred that can't be overlooked is that the law requires it. With federal laws like FACTA (a credit report information law), HIPAA (healthcare), Gramm-Leach-Bliley (financial), and many other laws, companies are having to find ways to get rid of outdated and or incidental documents without simply throwing them away. Failing to comply with these federal and state laws can result in massive fines--over the past few years, companies have faced fines in excess of $10 million for failing to properly execute document destruction.

Another main reason is customer privacy, identity theft, and even trade information. Customers and companies that trust your business with their confidential information have an "implied contract" with you and trust you to protect their information. Furthermore, investigative journalists and competitors will often use "dumpster diving" tactics to retrieve sensitive information that has been discarded but not shredded. Some people are even experts at piecing together documents that have been shredded with a small office cross-cut shredder, so even office shredders can't always be relied on to protect your information. Even everyday garbage like phone messages, interoffice memos, and misprinted forms could be used by competitors and need to be completely destroyed.

In addition, employees, both past and present, have a legal right to have their information shredded before it is discarded. That includes insurance and employment records, accident reports, attendance records, time sheets, and more. In addition, if you don't take steps to protect your own trade information and someone else uses that information, courts have deonstrated that they will deny trade information rights. In essence, if you don't protect it like trade information, the courts won't either. By protecting employees, customers, and your own business, you are engaging in practicing good corporate ethics by not casually disregarding important and confidential information.

An information destruction contractor like Mobile Document Destruction can ensure compliance with all related laws, reduce the time and effort you spend on shredding, prevent exposure of information to parties who should not see it, and allow employees to be more productive and focused on their responsibilities. MDD also offers clients peace of mind, since we are a NAID member. NAID members are on record as having the right systems in place to destroy sensitive materials, and any business who does not meet these standards is subject to expulsion from the association. NAID members also keep up to date on industry advances, including equipment and legislation, making NAID members the best choice for your shredding needs.

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